LUMSA 2023-2024 | Stella Romagnoli


Non-attending students in the Brand Management and Media Planning course at LUMSA are required to take a written test and an oral exam to assess their understanding of the course material.
NO project work is needed. The project work was a group assignment for attending students only.
The program to be studied is the same for attending and non-attending students.
To take the exam, students must sign in on the LUMSA platform and come to the university following the instructions that will be provided a couple of days before the exam date.

Written Test

The written test consists of open and closed questions and lasts for 30 minutes. To prepare for the written test, students should thoroughly review all the course materials, including articles, videos, handouts, and slides, provided on this course website: this page and the syllabus one.

The written test will be held on the LUMSA eLearning platform on an exam date.
Students can sign in using the first part of the lumsastud email address: Brand Management & Media Planning 2023-24, mail @lumsastud, Password: bmmp21. IT IS MANDATORY TO SIGN IN BEFORE THE EXAM DATE.
Students can also practice with the visible mock test on the LUMSA Learn platform.

Oral Exam

The oral exam consists of 3-4 open questions on the course topics. The purpose of the oral exam is to evaluate the student's ability to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios and to discuss the course material in a clear and concise manner. To prepare for the oral exam, students should practice answering questions on the exam page.

Additional Tips

In addition to reviewing the course materials and practicing for the exams, non-attending students are also encouraged to: practice with the Kahoot tests that we did in class during the course:
Go to, log in (or create an account for free) and then, from the query “find me a kahoot about…” write “stellaromagnoli” (NO spaces between first and last name). All my public kahoots will appear, choose the ones you are interested in."

LESSONS 2023/24

Calendar with topics

This is the Brand Management & Media Planning a.y. 2023-24 course website. Here you'll find all the slides that were presented in class, some videos and other useful information for the exam. The course is over, I'll see you at the exams. You will find all the information regarding the exam at this page.

My name is Stella Romagnoli and I am a communication professional with more than 30 years of experience in large companies. I've tried to pass my passion, knowledge and experience in these lessons.

With me there was also prof. Patrizia Freggi, an expert in personal branding. And toghether we have tried to teach you how to present a brand... and yourself!
I truly hope that you enjoyed this course.


October, 5 2023

Introduction to the course.

Brand Identification System

October, 12 2023 part 1

Naming, logos, identity elements, brand styleguide.

British Airways Brandbook

Paypal Brand Guidelines

Kahoot points

Native Advertising and Meta for Business

November, 2 2023 part 2

Native Advertising: how to plan social media campaigns.

Kahoot points

Communication Budget

November, 9 2023 part 1

The empirical methods to define a communication budget.

Kahoot points

EXTRA: How to make a presentation

November, 9 2023 part 2

How to make a presentation.

Media planning process

November, 9 2023 part 3

Media planning process.

Kahoot points