LUMSA 2022-2023 | Stella Romagnoli

Welcome to the Brand Management & Media Planning course website. Here you'll find all the slides that were presented in class, some videos and other useful information for the exam.

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My name is Stella Romagnoli and I am a communication professional with more than 30 years of experience in large companies. I hope to have passed my passion, knowledge and experience in these lessons.

I truly hope you enjoyed this course.

LESSONS 2022/23

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Brand Identification System

October, 14 2022 part. 1

Naming, logos, identity elements, brand styleguide.

British Airways Brandbook

Paypal Brand Guidelines

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Native Advertising and Meta for Business

November, 4 2022 part 1

Native Advertising: how to plan social media campaigns.

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Google Ads

November, 4 2022 part 2

Google Network, advertising on Youtube and Google Search.

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